How To Start A Dog Grooming Business?

How To Start A Dog Grooming Business?

Love dogs? Want to spend time with them? Then, you are on the right path to start a dog grooming business. Not only will it give you the warm companion of dogs, but it will also enable the profitability of the business.  As the pet grooming industry expands, it is a feasible decision for any pet lover entrepreneur. In this article we’ll explore How To Start A Dog Grooming Business?

This is an exciting time to start a business like this, as the Western world is heading towards the pet care industry. People get emotionally involved with pets, and it shows an extensive market opportunity. Now, the question that arises is, “How do you start a dog grooming business?”
We’ve created this complete guide to lead you to start a dog grooming business that contains everything you need.
So, Let’s jump! 

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What’s the dog grooming business?

The dog grooming business lies in the pet care industry. Every pet has some similar and opposite grooming criteria. As dogs are found in almost every house, grooming and caring for these dogs has been recognized as a regular day job. Dog grooming refers to the cleaning and hygienic care of a dog to make a good appearance. Acknowledgment of different dog coats and breeds can bring out the best potential of a groomer.

It’s the initial concern of “how to start a dog grooming business.” A dog groomer charges for the work he does and earns his profit through this. This is actually a service-based business. So, not much capital is needed to start a dog grooming business. The cornerstone factor of this business is the extensive care of the pet.

What does a dog groomer offer?

Before moving to the question of “How To Start A Dog Grooming Business?,” we need to know the offerings of this business. A dog groomer offers several salon services for the dogs; sometimes, it can be for other pets, too. Ho Common services include:

●      Brushing

●      Bathing

●      Eye and ear cleaning

●      Teeth brushing

●      Nail trimmings

●      Trimming and styling

●      Personal hygiene 

●      Handling with care

●      Gentle touch to appreciate

How To Start A Dog Grooming Business?

Starting a pet care shop, especially a dog grooming business, has some appropriate steps to follow, including primary, legal, instrumental, and experience matters. Your philosophy of this business can lead to a proper way of “How To Start A Dog Grooming Business.” Several criteria need to be fulfilled to start this kind of unorthodox business. The overall attainability of the business depends on the following steps to be performed. Here’s the detailed guide to kickstart your business:

Conducting market research

Researching the pet market, especially the local market, helps move forward with the business plan. Knowledge about the demand of the desired market assists you in building a strong consumption idea of the dog grooming industry. Considering the guide on “how to start a dog grooming business,” you have to admit that the local market has a severe impact on this business.

Making a business plan helps you to stay with the business agenda. The following sections can be included in your business plan:

●      Executive summary 

●      Analyzing the industry

●      Competitive analyses

●      Marketing plan 

●      Operation

●      Financial plan

●      Management

Legal authentication and insurance for pet shops are mandatory. Businesses need to be authorized, and proper insurance is required to start a dog grooming business.

Business structure

The owner needs registration of the business as an entity. There can be four business structures considering “how to start a dog grooming business”: 

Sole proprietorship

Limited liability company



Analyze this and select the best option for you in your business. You have to choose one of these four structures.

Business name

Business name is the utmost marketing factor. People are attracted to the name and relate to it. A catchy name is always beneficial for grabbing potential customers. The following factors can be considered when selecting the name of the business:

●      Easy to remember

●      Simple spelling

●      Indicative to the business

●      Showcasing the brand

Clients determination

Dog grooming is a service-providing business. You serve the dog and its owner. However, determining the type of client you want to handle makes the picture clearer to you. You need to ask some relevant questions to clarify the ideal clients, like;

●      What are the top services that I want to offer?

●      Do I wish to offer luxury services?

●      What breeds of dog do I want to specialize in, and what don’t I want?

●      Any special services that have a monopoly quality?

●      How will the business fit into the dog’s lifestyle?

From your answer to these, you can get a knowledgeable idea of how you want to run your business with the targeted customer. Not necessarily that you need to stick to these customers, but still, you can go further than that. But still, it makes you clear from a business perspective.

Unique value proposition and niche

Unique value proposition refers to the benefit that customers get from you that no one can provide. It can be a special care or an extensive treatment that could turn out to be a unique value proposition. The niche market is calculated and derived from this unique value proposition. Niche is where we stand in the market. If you want to cater to high-end clientele, you need to fix this niche matter in your business. By acquiring basic market knowledge on “How to start a dog grooming business,” you can decide this with a unique value proposition and niche.

Grooming services

Several services that you can offer in a dog grooming business. Up to this point, in the discussion of “How to start a dog grooming business,” you can add or offer chunks of services based on the previous steps that have been discussed. Here is a list of services that a random dog grooming business can offer:

●      Ear and eye cleaning

●      Tooth cleaning

●      Nail trimming 

●      Shaving

●      Shampoo

●      Hair trimming 

●      Skin Therapy 

●      De-matting

●      Flea treatment 

●      Mobile dog grooming 

●      Special cuts 

Grooming Equipments

Initially, basic grooming equipment is necessary thinking of “How to start a dog grooming business.” Here are the initial instruments that can be needed:

●      Fur dryer

●      Grooming table

●      Bathing tub

●      Dog brushes

●      Shower attachment

●      Ear cleaning tools

●      Nail clippers 

●      Nail grinders

●      De-matters

●      Combs and shears

●      Shampoo and conditioning products

●      Bandanas and bows

For shop management and maintenance

●      Dryers

●      Washing machine

●      Face masks

●      Kennels

●      Cleaning products

●      Sanitizer 

●      Brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners

●      Bookkeeping software

●      Point of sale system

Branding and marketing

Branding of the business, especially in this young industry, has a significant value. It speaks to the potential clients about your business. It regulates customers and makes you clear about your current business state. There are certain ways to conduct branding. Like website, business card, logo, etc. A business has a solid branding state if it considers the matters of;

●      Typography

●      Messaging type and tone

●      Color pallette

●      Mission statement 

●      Motto etc.

Marketing strategy is the next step of the branding scheme. It makes your client come back and forth to your dog grooming business. The online presence of your business is a must-have job in this matter. Steps can be included, such as business website building.

Discussing “How to start a dog grooming business” includes attractive websites to catch the people looking for the service. Your website is the face of your business. It’s the most essential marketing asset. This business website includes:

●      Business name and tagline 

●      Address and contacts

●      Operational hours

●      Services

●      Special offers

●      Achievements

●      Reviews

●      Photos and videos of some successful services

●      Hotline for emergency service

Other than this, email marketing and Facebook marketing through business pages can also be effective nowadays.

Financial management

Financial management is the foremost of all technical works. It is inevitably important to organize your business with proper financial management. Financing the operation of time and keeping every transaction on a daily basis is the best way to run a business. It creates sustainability and clarity for the owner.

Innovation and safety

Innovation is necessary for any business. When we are discussing “How to start a dog grooming business,” you need to innovate the business policy with the market trends. Safety has been a huge issue in this manner. People are emotional and sentimental about their dogs. Safe grooming can be a cornerstone of your business as it brings trust to the customers.


Do I need a license to run a dog grooming business? 

There’s no specific license that this business needs till now. But you have to get a business license to start any business.

How much does it cost to start a dog grooming business?

The cost of this business can vary a little based on several factors. But you can expect to have $500-$2500 on average.

How profitable is the dog grooming business?

The median hourly salary of a dog groomer is roughly $15 and yearly is about $30,000.

The bottom line

Overall, the discussion on “How to start a dog grooming business” reflects that this unorthodox young business industry needs dedicated and experienced owners to handle the dogs. You need to be pet-loving, careful, and safe for the dogs from the eye of the owner. On the other side, technical business ability is a great quality.

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